Easy, breezy updos?

Question by ifyoulovehim, t e l l him<3: Easy, breezy updos?
I need so easy updos for school and dates. I have thick, brown, wavy, long hair. I have side bangs too. I want some easy updos that stay nice in humid weather, are casual, and keep my bangs down.

I already have ponytails, half up half down, and pigtail braids.

Oh and I don’t want to pay a website for instructions!!!!

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Answer by bukubabies
Here’s a website for you: http://beauty.about.com/od/promhairstyles/ss/classicup.htm

It has a lot of different classic up-do style photos to see, doesn’t look like you need to pay anything

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My dog keeps chewing up everything in my house. URGENT HELP NEEDED?

Question by : My dog keeps chewing up everything in my house. URGENT HELP NEEDED?
He chews furniture, plug ins, wall corner and everything that he sees. He is a 10 month old maltese but is causing major distruction. I have tried the bitter lime sprays, I have tried whooping him and correcting him, I have tried ignoring him to let him know that he is wrong, I have tried everything that I can think of. What do I do to make him understand that this is wrong and for him to stop. I have resorted in keeping him in his cage but he gets very annoyed and starts barked, because he is in such a confined space. What can I do to stop this madness and be able to keep him loose when I am not there. When I am around he does not do that at all . He sits and plays with his toys. But it seems that as soon as I leave he does all of this. Please someone help.

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Answer by kelley and mark j
Puppies need to be in a cage when you are not home. You can leave the TV on for him when he is alone and leave some toys in there. If he chews in front of you, put him in the cage and tell him no while showing him the item if you can. He will get used to the cage, all dogs bark at first. Good luck

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Puppy border collie chews on everything.?

Question by Liam: Puppy border collie chews on everything.?
I recently bought a 10 week old border collie puppy. He literally chews everything. i got him 1 week ago and it’s not that hes bored. Hes 10 weeks old i take him for 2 walks everyday once in the morning once in the afternoon, i can’t take him for long runs because he doesn’t quite get the idea of the lead and walking quite yet and is obviously scared of his surroundings so i understand that and i play with him in my backyard teaching him to fetch jump for the ball and whatever. He does have toys like chewing toys but he doesn’t chew on them, he sees them as another fetch toy.
He chews on grass leaves sticks stones wood bark trees dirt just anything he can get to, even the side of my bed that is wood he even chews on.
I probably spend about 2-3 hours on him everyday split up in about 30 minute exercises and fun.
I’m just not sure how to get him to stop or is it just something puppies do? iv’e had several dogs but never this young so i honestly wouldn’t know.
thanks :)

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Answer by RakWhitewolf
I have a 4 month old Kelpie I got 3 weeks ago who does the exact same thing(and worse, mostly swallowing stuff like plastic and other cat/dog poop..). All I can recommend at this point is to teach him the ‘leave it’ ‘wait’ and ‘drop it’ commands.

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The use of antler velvet? ?

Question by brad: The use of antler velvet? ?
Okay, so I got introduced to this product called antler velvet, done some research and it seems like it works wonders. Trying to lose a little body fat and gain a little muscle at the same time. I wanna know if this product 1.) is legal, as I am currently getting drug screens. 2.) safe to take as a 16 year old. 3.) work as well as all the reviews online. & 4.) where to purchase this product?

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Answer by Bob
drinking it as a tea, give s a guy morning hard wood

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